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Microscopy Image Analysis
Wimasis is a provider of quantitative image analysis solutions that run online. The platform doesn't require any software installation or specialized hardware equipment. Simply by accessing https://mywim.wimasis.com/ through the browser, users can conduct the quantitative image analysis from anywhere in the world.

The available algorithms are highly accurate. Focusing on the requirements and needs of specific experiments enables Wimasis to deliver high quality analysis result.

The speed of analysis is outstanding. Due to the fact that the system runs on multiple servers with parallel computing algorithms, a high-throughput and high-content focus can be achieved simultaneously.

The user-friendly web interface reduces leaning time. The dedication to simplicity enables the platform to become easy to use.

Currently, our partners at Wimasis can perform analysis of your cell based scratch assay dispensing with the need for you to invest in expensive software whilst also freeing up your valuable time to concentrate on other experiments.

The process is very simple

1. Contact us on info@thistlescientific.co.uk to request a voucher code entitling you to receive a free 50 image trial
2. Register with your voucher code on www.wimasis.com
3. Upload your wound healing images
4. Receive a summary of your results via e-mail
5. Download the detailed results at your convenience

Once registered, your unique Thistle voucher code will entitle you to an ongoing 10% discount from the Wimasis published list prices below

£220.00 for 2 point and 30 Experiments
£330.00 for 5 point and 30 experiments
£660.00 for 25 point and 30 experiments

Wimasis are also keen to collaborate with co-creators for current projects in the pipeline, namely Chemotaxis assay analysis. If you currently generate images in this area and would like to work with Wimasis to assist in the development of image analysis, please contact us at info@thistlescientific.co.uk

Available analysis solutions for the cell-based assay market:
- Migration Assays
- Chemotaxis Assays (beta phase)
- Angiogenesis Assays (beta phase)
- Autophagy Assays
- Custom solutions can be developed to fit your needs.

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Tube Formation Image Analysis
Tube Formation Image Analysis is a crucial step in angiogenesis assays. Wimasis, the certified partner of ibidi, developed an analysis solution to quantitatively evaluate the generation of new vessels. The web-based Image Analysis solution generates fast results without the need for extra hardware or software.

Analysis data contain:

* Branching points
* Tube lengths, numbers, and statistics
* Loop numbers, areas, and perimeters
* Cell-covered area

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Products | Biomicroscopy | Microscopy Image Analysis